Abrasive Powder



Abrasive is a sharp hard material, which can grind the surface of softer material. Abrasives include natural abrasives and artificial abrasives. According to hardness, it can be divided into superhard abrasive and general superhard abrasive. Abrasives range from softer household cleaners and gem abrasives to the hardest material diamonds. Abrasive materials are essential for manufacturing every precision product. Many natural abrasives have been replaced by man-made abrasives. In addition to diamonds, the properties of natural abrasives are not stable, but they still have their use value. Diamond is the hardest abrasive. It is produced in South Africa, accounting for 95% of the world’s total output. The rest are Brazil, Australia, Guyana and Venezuela. Industrial diamond from white to black, from the broken grinding wheel, abrasive belt.

Application model

Rotary vibrating sieve, Linear vibrating sieve, Tumbler sieve

Features of Vibrating sieve

1. Small size, no space and convenient movement

2. Low energy consumption and high efficiency

3. Convenient disassembly and assembly, easy to clean inside and outside, and no sanitary dead corner

4. Automatic operation, 24-hour continuous production

5. Low noise

6. Tight sealing, no leakage of liquid and no flying dust