Glaze Slurry



Glaze slurry is porcelain glaze, which is an organic substance composed of clay, rock, dextrin, glycerol and other substances. To facilitate hanging, it is often made into glaze slurry.


Filter ceramic slurry to remove impurities

Applicable model

High frequency vibrating sieve, Double motor direct discharge sieve, Rotary vibrating sieve

Features of high frequency vibrating sieve

The high frequency vibrating sieve adopts a high-frequency two-stage motor with a speed of 3000 times/min, which destroys the tension of the material surface and the high-speed vibration of fine materials on the screen surface. On the other hand, it increases the probability of contact between the materials smaller than the separation particle size and the screen hole, so as to improve the screening and filtration, which is suitable for the filtration of fine-grained and high concentration slurry materials.