Aluminium Paste



Aluminium paste Alias: flash paste, silver paste. Its main components are flaky aluminium particles and petroleum solvents, was a paste. Its features are a smooth aluminium surface, concentrated particle size distribution, shape rules, with excellent light reflection and metallic luster, mixed with transparent color pigments, the film has a significant “flop” effect, the decoration is very beautiful.

Production process

Ball Mill Grinding – Magnetic Separator – Vibrating screen – Filter Press Degreasing – Mixer Mixing – Testing – Packaging – Storage

Application industry

Aluminium silver paste is widely used in automobile paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint, plastic paint, architectural coating, ink, mobile phone shell and keys, electromechanical shell, electric shell, metal paint, and many other fields. Aluminium silver paste is divided into aqueous aluminium silver paste and solvent aluminium silver paste according to the solvent type. With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection. The waterborne aluminium silver slurry will be the development trend of the industry.